Livestreaming for drones made easy

Share livestreams without leaving the DJI Pilot app.

Share by QR code

On the Smart Controller, create a temporary sharable link in just two clicks. Then scan the QR code and share the link with your audience.

fire department tablet stream fire department tablet stream

Watch from anywhere

When your audience opens the link, they will be able to follow your flight in real-time.

Supported products


Matrice 300 RTK


Matrice 30 Series


DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series

Try for Free

  1. Go to Cloud Services

    - On the main screen of the DJI Pilot 2 app, go to the Cloud Service menu.
    - Select Open Platforms.

  2. Connect to SkySync.io

    - Type in the URL: https://skysync.io and click Connect.

  3. Start the Free Trial

    - Press the Free Trial button.
    - Select 10 min to create a shared link.

    With the Free Trial, the maximum validity of a shared link is 10 minutes.


Standard plan
15 /drone per month*
  • HD live video sharing
  • Up to 5 viewers
Professional plan
30 /drone per month*
  • HD live video sharing
  • Up to 30 viewers
  • Access logs
  • API Access

* Billed annually. Price does not include tax.

Frequently asked questions

What is the latency?

The latency is typically between 1 and 3 seconds, depending on the stability of the internet connection.

Can I create shared links without expiration?

It is currently not possible to create a shared link that does not expire. If this is required for your usecase, please contact us.

Does it work when my audience is behind a firewall?

Yes, the livestream viewer has been tested in several highly restricted corporate networks.

Does it work when the remote controller is behind a firewall?

Some very restricted networks may block outgoing traffic on non-standard ports. We require TCP port 8884 to be open for outgoing traffic.

Which drones are supported?

Currently we only support the DJI Enterprise M3, M30, M300 and M350. For livestreaming with different types of drones and devices, we are currently looking into supporting RTMP streams.

Does this support RTMP streaming?

Not yet, however this is in popular demand. We are actively working on this. Contact us for more information.